Goshta Eka Kalachi...Kalya Pandhrya Padadyachi
Goshta Eka Kalachi

After the great success of Black and White its now the Black and White era of Marathi films...

This is a story of a bygone era, a story of people...a family who lived then.

Those days have submerged in the ocean of time, glimpses of which can be seen in its reflections frozen on celluloid.

Putting these reflections and bits and pieces of memories together, can we feel and experience those "good old days" ?

Goshta Eka Kalachi...Kalya Pandhrya Paddyachi... is an attempt to do this.


This is a first person narrative of a retired professor who accidentally lands in his memory lane.

Goshta Eka Kalachi

Along with his life story, we simultaneously drive through the history of Black and White Marathi Cinema,its creators and try to analyse the core principles and virtues behind those creations also reflected in the soceity in which cinema existed.

On the same path we experience a collage of drama, music, choreography and paintings, which transports us back to the times we miss and try to search the relevance of past in today's world.

Conceived by: Milind Oak
Written by: Dr. Sameer Kulkarni
Directed by : Ashay Walambe
Actors: Rahul Solapurkar,Swanandi Tikekar,Amit Vaze
Singers: Jitendra Abhyankar,Rama Kulkarni,Swarada Godbole, Chaitanya Kulkarni. Dances: Rutuja Ingale.

Watch video promo of this programme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VzepfCm2KU

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