Atithee is a story of an “off limelight actress” staying at a remote place with her pubertal daughter, who according to her suffers from emotional instability.

One rainy night a guest approaches. He is a film director who had a very close relation with the actress
in the past. After the initial dilemma the lady lets him enter the house.
Journey of life poses with unexpected situations.
The pubertal girl is extremely fond of cinema and dreams about becoming an actress day in and out.
She falls for this glamorous “male” director.
Actress knows him inside out. She is not interested in him any more. But time has taken its toll.
His existence relaxes her a bit.
One’s past may be the future for other one.

What happens after that?

The film is a statement about a multilayered emotional turbulence disturbing three involved people.

  • Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: Dr. Sameer Kulkarni
  • Directed by: Milind Oak and Anand Ingale
  • Camera: Gautam Joaglekar
  • Star Cast: Reema, Ravindra Mankani, and Rujuta Deshmukh
  • Produced for: E TV Marathi

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